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This is who I am

My name is Mike Johansen. Raised in London ON, now back living in London.  I'm at present 43 yrs old. According to my daughter that makes me an old fart. At present I am seperated from my now ex-wife (thankfully!!) My girlfriend and I originally met and dated when we were in high school and now happier than we've ever been. Finally found what's been missing in my life all these years.
   My hobbys and interests cover quite an array of subjects, such as,: building model cars and trucks, model railroading, emergency vehicles, trains,  photo taking with a digital camera so I can put on the computer, ghost stories, certain unexplained mysteries like AREA 51, UFO's, and things of that nature, and certain aspects of the paranormal. And lately I'm starting to become a big beleiver in the after life. If only someone could honestly, really prove it. That'd be cool.

As I said I grew up in London ON, went to H.B.Beal S.S. for 4 years. Spent a summer working out in the interior of British Columbia. Did 1/2 year of college and decided to go out and get a full time job and been working ever since. Got my commercial licence when I was 23 and made my living behind the wheel ever since. Started out washing buses at a school bus company and since I would be moving them around the yard and would be called on to drive them on the road I got my bus licence through them. 7 years later I left there after having driven all the types of vehicles in the fleet of 250. That includes school buses, vans, hiway coaches, wheel chair vehicles, tow truck, front end loader. Then I tried my hand at being a business owner, worked for a while then started to go down hill, so gave that up and went back to work. This time for another bus company, just as a driver. At first local work then stared doing out of town trips and then strictly out of town charter trips. But the hours were long and rest started to get short, so another job change. Truck driver. My bus licence allowed me to drive straight truck, so I went and drove dump truck for a few months and the company went belly up. Then went to a local meat company around here and drove for him for 4 years and when a new owner came along, him and I see didn't see eye to eye too well so while I was off for two weeks recovering from a back injury (honest) I walked into a place and asked if they where hiring and the rest, as they say, is history. Drove nights in the mid western part of Ontario for 4 years delivering auto parts. Then the company lost the contract. Shame was a good comapny to work for but the winter nights were becoming a bit much. Went back to the above mentioned meat company again for a while until they started to go out of business. What luck eh?
 Nowadays I am an Enviromental Recovery Roadoligist for BFI. In english that means I drive a garbage truck. LOL The company I work for has a number of different types of trucks. Residential garbage and recycle pick up, roll off trucks, the ones that carry 20, 30, 40 cubic yard containers on the back, container delivery trucks, the ones that carry garbage dumpsters on the back, and front end trucks, the ones that dump the dumpsters, that's the ones I drive.

My daily ride


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

The Hunt for Red October, Airport, the Lethal Weapon series, the Beverly Hills Cop series, any James Bond film(I've seen them all at least 4-5 times), all the Star Trek films(same as the James Bond movies),

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Bob Sger and the Silver Bullet Band, The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, a lot of various hits of the 60's and 70's